Our Roaring Auctioneer

We are pleased to announce, Justin Timm, will be this year’s Gala Auctioneer.


Our Hummingly Harmonious Live Music

Sara Kushner, founder of Keys of Life Music School, is a well-rounded musician and something of a Renaissance woman: she is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, teacher, trained yoga instructor, business woman and mother.



Strut your stuff like a Peacock with
The Traveling Foto Box

Grab some friends and capture some memories with the open air, self-serve, photo booth. Whether you’re striking a serious pose or getting silly in front of the camera with our big box of props, help us document this special night with fun, free-styling photography and old-fashion photo strips mementos to share.


Check back later as we continue to book & confirm who’s on board for more fun times at the 2019 “Wild about Education” ASA Gala!