Our Auctioneer, Jason Demicheli

Returning again for another fabulous ASA Gala… Jason is a Professional Benefit Auctioneer who enjoys meeting new people. A 2008 graduate at the top of his class of The Worldwide College of Auctioneering, Jason specializes in Benefit Auctions. He has a passion for working with non-profits to help them achieve and exceed their fundraising goals and make a difference in their communities. Energetic and FUN, he keeps any audience enjoying the auction action. So get your bidder numbers high in the air and he will take care of the rest.

OUR MC, George Peter Psihogios

3a46736a5ba5eddc8b5cb03e7d2a824dA big welcome and thank you to our new emcee, George Peter Psihogios! George has been the emcee of Agia Sophia’s Greek Open for many years and is a lifetime member at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Portland. He is active in the community and serves on the Metropolis Council of San Francisco. George was baptized, married, and has seen his children and grandchildren involved in the life of the church.

A Past President of Holy Trinity, George was involved in the leadership position the year Agia Sophia Academy was launched. George is the recipient of the Metal of St. Paul and is an Archon in the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle.

Check back later as we continue to book & confirm who’s on board for more fun times at the 2017 “A Glorious Night Under the Big Top” ASA Gala!